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Suzuki Motor Corporation (hereinafter Suzuki) have achieved 4 million accumulated global production of outboard motors on 27 October 2022.

Suzuki started production of outboard motors in 1965, at the Takatsuka headquarters plant. In 1979 the plant moved to Toyokawa in Aichi Prefecture and relocated to the Kosai Plant, Shizuoka in 2018. Suzuki also started production at its subsidiary in Thailand, Thai Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Thai Suzuki) in 1999.

The 4 millionth outboard motor produced was the new model DF350AMD*, which started production at the Kosai Plant in October.

Currently, Suzuki produces mid to large outboard motors at the Kosai Plant, and small outboard motors at Thai Suzuki. We deliver reliable outboard motors to over 174 countries and regions, including Japan.

Toshihiro Suzuki, president of Suzuki, said, “Since the start of production in 1965, Suzuki has strived to introduce new technologies, aimed to produce outboard motors marked by uniqueness, and this has led to the 4 million accumulated production. We are sincerely grateful to all the fans of Suzuki outboard motors. We will continue to provide marine products and services that are needed by the people and society, through our marine business activities”.

< Suzuki Marine Operations >

  • Feb. 1965 Start of production of Suzuki’s first outboard motor, D55 at the Takatsuka headquarters plant
  • May 1979 Start of production at Toyokawa, Aichi.
  • Oct. 1999 Start of production at Thai Suzuki
  • July 2008 Marine Technical Center is established in Kosai, Shizuoka
  • June 2017 Launch of flagship outboard motor, DF350A
  • May 2018 Start of production at the Kosai Plant outboard motor production line
  • Mar. 2020 Established Suzuki Marine Technical Center USA in Panama City, Florida, United States
  • July 2022 Start of production of outboard motors with Micro-Plastic Collecting Device

< Path to 4 million accumulated global production >

  • 1965 Start of production
  • 1989 Achieves 1 million accumulated global production
  • 2004 Achieves 2 million accumulated global production
  • 2014 Achieves 3 million accumulated global production
  • 2022 Achieves 4 million accumulated global production

< Commitment to environmental conservation (SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT) >

Appreciating clean water as a necessity of life, as well as for our marine business, Suzuki has been voluntarily conducting a clean-up activity of the ocean, rivers, and lakes, where outboard motors are used, every year since 2010. In 2020, we launched the SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT, which has three commitments: 1) Clean-up the World Campaign, 2) reduce plastic packaging, and 3) collect marine micro-plastic waste; and have continuously made efforts to protect the environment around the waterside. Suzuki will further accelerate the SUZUKI CLEAN OCEAN PROJECT and contribute to the local community by improving the marine environment through our activities.

  • *Overview of DF350AMD
    DF350AMD is a derived model from the flagship DF350A, and is equipped with Suzuki’s first Integrated Steering System. It achieved a simple appearance of the motorwell, and allows it to rig with various types of boats. Production started in October, and sales will begin in North America, etc. accordingly.