Suzuki unveils the maximum 350-horsepower DF350A outboard

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Posted on 9th June 2017


Introduction of new technologies including the contra-rotating propellers

Suzuki Motor Corporation has unveiled the DF350A flagship outboard, which has realised horsepower of 350HP, the maximum output in Suzuki’s lineup of outboards.

For the first time on Suzuki outboards, DF350A adopts the contra-rotating propellers called the Suzuki Dual Prop System. In this system, two propellers efficiently transmit forward thrust, enhancing acceleration and directional stability. In addition to high compression ratio, the newly-developed 4-stroke V6-cylinder engine is equipped with features such as the Direct Intake System to realise superb output performance and high fuel efficiency.

At the unveiling event held in Miami, US on 9 June, Toshihiro Suzuki, President, Suzuki Motor Corporation said “Outboards play important role in Suzuki’s business, and DF350A is a model that clearly illustrates our brand slogan The Ultimate 4-Stroke Outboard.”

DF350A will be produced at the Toyokawa Plant in Japan, and launched in the US from July. Subsequently, they will be launched globally including Japan and Europe.

Main features of DF350A

Newly-developed maximum 350-horsepower engine
  • Compact, 4,390cm3 4-stroke V6 cylinder engine. High compression ratio of 12.0 is adopted for the first time on Suzuki outboards, improving combustion efficiency to realise horsepower of DF350A, the maximum output in Suzuki’s lineup of outboards.
  • Suzuki’s unique Direct Intake System, which efficiently takes in outside air into the engine, and Suzuki Dual Louver System are adopted. Plus, dual injectors per cylinder and optimal combustion chamber shape increase charging efficiency and combustion efficiency to realise superb output performance.
Contra-rotating propellers, Suzuki Dual Prop System
  • Contra-rotating propellers, Suzuki Dual Prop System is adopted for the first time on Suzuki outboards. The system efficiently converts engine output into forward thrust by combining two contra-rotating propellers. Plus, the smaller gear case decreases underwater resistance to realise high running performance and directional stability.
Innovative styling
  • Sporty, aggressive, and innovative styling. Quality design that is suitable for the flagship model which resembles Suzuki’s next-generation outboards.
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